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If you loved playing Title Bout boxing game, you are going to love playing this FREE online version. Nothing to download. No account to create. It captures the spirit and personality of the original table-top boxing game, including those individual yellow boxer's cards representing all the great fighters in boxing history you remember from the game. Click link to select an opponent to fight Jack Dempsey, Rocky Marciano, Muhammad Ali, Sonny Liston, George Foreman, Joe Frazier or "The Cinderella Man", James J. Braddock. This online version impeccably follows the same game rules originally designed by Jim Trunzo. Forget how to play? No problem, this web version walks you through it so you can enjoy a great solitare experience.

NO LOGIN NECESSARY! In fact, you can play my other FREE online sports strategy boardgames: Paper Basketball and Paper Baseball.

This site is dedicated to my chum, Dave Hassenpflug, who provided scans of all the boxer cards. A guy whom I used to routinely school in all paper sports games. Word is, he uses this site, probably remembering the times I used to clean his clock in strat-o-matic football, stomping his '85 Bears with the lowly Rams. Yes, I was that good. Go Dieter Brock!

Sonny Liston sample card Card Choose a Weight Class:

Heavyweight Bout

Middleweight Bout

Welterweight Bout

Lightweight Bout

Great Fights to Recreate

Fast Action Card sample

Click the weight-class link to box with any of the following fighters:
Muhammad Ali
Max Baer
Buddy Baer
Jurgin Blin
Oscar Bonavena
James Braddock
Tommy Burns
Primo Carnera
Ezzard Charles
George Chuvalo
Henry Cooper
Jim Corbett
Terry Daniels
Jack Dempsey
Jimmy Ellis
Tommy Farr
Bob Fitzsimmons
Zora Folley
George Foreman
Bob Foster
Mac Foster
Joe Frazier
Tony Galento
Arturo Godoy
James Jeffries
Ingemar Johannsson
Jack Johnson
Doug Jones
Sam Langford
Sonny Liston
Brian London
Joe Louis
Rudi Lubbers
Ron Lyle
Eddie Machen
Rocky Marciano
Leotis Martin
Buster Mathis
Tami Mauriello
Sam McVey
Jeff Merritt
Larry Middleton
Karl Mildenberger
Archie Moore
Randy Neuman
Ken Norton
Lou Nova
Bob Pastor
Floyd Patterson
Jerry Quarry
Max Schmeling
Jack Sharkey
Thad Spencer
Leon Spinks
John L. Sullivan
Ernie Terrell
Gene Tunney
Jersey Joe Walcott
Jess Willard
Cleveland Williams
Jimmy Young
Freddie Mills
Holly Mims
Battling Siki
Jimmy Slattery
Wayne Thornton
Sammy Angott
Henry Armstrong
Jimmy Britt
Joe Brown
Ken Buchanan
Tony Canzoneri
Jimmy Carter
Teo Cruz
Paddy De Marco
Jem Driscoll
Joe Gans
Beau Jack
Lew Jenkins
Rocky Kansas
Ismael Laguna
Kenny Lane
Benny Leonard
Sammy Mandell
Battling Nelson
Carlos Ortiz
Billy Petrolle
Mando Ramos
Lauro Salas
Al Singer
Lew Tendler
Freddie Welsh
Charley White
Ike Williams
Juan Zurita
George Abrams
Fred Apostoli
Joey Archer
Carmen Basilo
Nino Benvenuti
Jean-Claude Bouttier
Lou Brouillard
Rubin Carter
Marcel Cerdan
Les Darcy
Laurent Dauthuille
Terry Downes
Tiger Flowers
Gene Fullmer
Charlie Fusari
Ceferino Garcia
Joey Giambra
Joey Giardello
Tommy Gibbons
Rocky Graziano
Harry Greb
Emile Griffith
Eugene Hairston
Al Hostak
Tony Janiro
Ralph "Tiger" Jones
Stanley Ketchel
Jake LaMotta
Kid McCoy
Carlos Monzon
Denny Moyer
Bobo Olson
Ken Overlin
Billy Papke
Paul Pender
Eddie Risko
Sugar Ray Robinson
Jeff Smith
Marcel Thil
Dick Tiger
Randy Turpin
Mickey Walker
Tony Zale
Virgil Akins
Art Aragon
Henry Armstrong
Carmen Basilo
Johnny Bratton
Jack Britton
Freddie Cochrane
Curtis Cokes
Brian Curvis
Tony DeMarco
Joe Dundee
Jackie Fields
Kid Gavilon
Mike Gibbons
Billy Graham
Emile Griffith
Dan Jordan
Pete Latzo
Ted "Kid" Lewis
Hedgeman Lewis
Ernie "Big Red" Lopez
Packy McFarland
Jimmy McLarnin
Joe Miceli
Jose Napoles
Gasper Ortega
Benny Kid Paret
Sugar Ray Robinson
Luis Rodriguez
Barney Ross
Tommy Ryan
Johnny Saxton
Marty Servo
Joe Walcott
Fritzie Zivic

Inspired by the Title Bout boxing game
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Dedicated to Dave Hass, whom I used to routinely school in paper sports games, who provided scans of boxer cards, rules and gameboards!